Title Web link Date
Deseos, the documentary EL UNIVERSAL 07/19/2017
How went the 3rd day of MIRA Film Fest FUNDACION CINEPOLIS 11/12/2016
Educational campaigns prevent violence and discrimination against the LGBTTTI community PERIODICO LEO 10/28/2016
Educational campaigns prevent violence against the LGBTTTI community QUADRATIN 10/27/2016
This Sunday, march in defence of marriage for all in Mexico City LA SILLA ROTA 10/10/2016
Announcement of the march in defence of marriage for all in Mexico SURESTE INFORMA 10/10/2016
Round Table Discussion / Gay Marriage Initiative ANTAD 09/26/2016
More than 100 cities are preparing to march against gay marriages SIPSE 09/10/2016
Calls on Church to stop hatred against gay marriages EL IMPARCIAL 09/10/2016
“War” unleashed on the street for gay marriages SUPER CHANNEL 09/10/2016
The LGBTI community will march against hate speech EL REFORMA 09/09/2016
They defend the rights of homosexuals MURAL 09/03/2016
Preparation of the Homoparental Forum  CRÓNICAS SOCIALES 09/10/2016
Preparation of the Homoparental Forum MURAL 09/09/2016
Gay marriage: legality and secularism? Debate DEBATE EL LÍNEA 08/24/2016
Baby on demand LA CAPITAL 08/01/2016
23 Mexican LGBT people who are breaking it BUZZFEED 06/24/2016
Thread : Surrogacy CHOPO 06/24/2016
#AxanDecide, the legal battle of a Mexican mother against gender labels EL PAIS 05/05/2016
Lack of legislation on surrogacy worries academics QUADRATIN 03/23/2016
The government does not legislate on human rights for LGBTTTI people: Alehlí Ordoñez Rodríguez DIARIO AVANZA 03/04/2016
Human Rights and Social Security Forum LEGIX 03/02/2016
Tabasco state discriminates with new legislation on surrogacy GIRE 01/25/2016
Barrier against the gays in the law on surrogacy of Tabasco state, they denounce its unconstitutionality  EL BIG BATA 12/21/2015
“Surrogacy” Program, 2 out of 2 IVOOX 11/08/2015
Gays battle in court for paternity recognition EL BIG DATA 10/19/2015
My son is discriminated for having long hair #IDenounce W RADIO 10/01/2015
Death threats against Axan’s mother HORA CERO 09/25/2015
¡19600 and more thanks! Diego and Santiago now have passports #TheyAreMexicanToo CHANGE.ORG 07/08/2015
Gestonormativity: power conflict between lesbian mothers EL BIG DATA 06/23/2015
Round Table “Surrogacy: Internal and cross-border aspects” NOTICIDE 04/27/2015
Feminist Meeting in San Cristobal de las Casas CHIAPAS PARALELO 07/17/2014
1st Feminist and Social Intervention Day in Chiapas RONDA POLÍTICA 07/02/2014
Announcement of Feminist and Social Transformation Day in Chiapas ASICH 07/02/2014
Feminist Meeting in San Cristobal de las Casas TODO CHIAPAS 07/02/2014
Fortalécete LGBTI to provide training for young people of the Mexican Republic DIVERIMEDIOS 06/24/2014
Program change Radio Universidad AM 08/24/2013
Gay couples manage to register their children in the civil register VLEX 08/23/2013
Registration of the first children with the family name of their two mothers JUSTIFAM 08/21/2013
Initiation of the process of registration in the civil registry of lesbian mothers’ children EL REFORMA 08/21/2013
Lesboparental families create a precedent in the civil registry DOS MAMIS 08/21/2013
Alehlí Ordoñez, lawyer of child Axan in interview with Sergio Gómez MILENIO 07/08/2005
Alehlí Ordoñez, lawyer of child Axan in interview with Azucena Uresti MILENIO 07/07/2005