Our team

Alehlí Ordóñez

Founding and executive director

Born in Mexico City, she’s a lawyer from the University of London Mexico City (Universidad de Londrés) specializing in the civil and strategic litigation of sexual and reproductive rights pertaining to the LGBTI community and their families in Mexico; feminist. She is the head of institutional strengthening of the organization.

Julia Escalante

Head of the Political Advocacy and Incidence area

Born in Mexico City, lawyer by the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) with a masters degree in “Human Rights and y Women: theory and practice”, from the University of Chile, feminist.

Yuli Pliego

Head of the Litigation area.

Born in the state of Oaxaca, she studied law in the “Escuela Libre de Derecho”, she specializes in constitutional justice and criminal law in the defense of women’s rights; feminist.

Daniela Correa

Head of the Strategic Litigation and Management area.

Born in Mexico City, a feminist lawyer, graduate from the “Escuela Libre de Derecho”.

Raquel Medina

Collaborates in the communication area and public image.

Multimedia designer from the Anahuac University of Mexico, North Campus (Universidad Anáhuac Norte); feminist.

Brenda Cortés

Part of the Political Incidence area and Fundraising

Lawyer from the Iberoamerican University (Universidad Iberoamericana) in Mexico City, feminist.

Brenda D. Piña

Logistics and Planning

International Relations graduate from the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM); feminist.