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It is time for the CEAV to be refounded by the victims themselves. Movimiento por la Paz 02/18/2017
Announcement of the march in defense of the secular state and the equality of rights Canal Judicial 09/09/2016
Surrogacy: Analysis and Perspectives from a Human Rights Perspective CNDH 03/09/2016
Social Security does not cover the subsistence minimum which guarantees the inclusion of all sectors: Damián González Cámara de Diputados 03/02/2016
Preliminary observations of the in situ visit of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights OEA 10/02/2015
With the marriages of LGBTTTI people, Mexico consolidates itself as a city of freedom and respect: Mancera 14/07/2013 Boletín GDF 07/14/2013
Impact on Public Policy Toolkit in Mexico City CDMX /